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Rebecca Wade - Violin Paul Winter - Saxophone Richard Burns - Trumpet Dannie McKenzie - Guitar Josh Bridges - Bass Ben Charnley - Drums

The Woohoo Revue play music for celebrating- for dancing, for drinking, and for forgetting that tomorrow exists. Their fiery arrangements of traditional Eastern European tunes combine virtuosic musicianship with a sense of romance and bravado. Every song expresses a strong sense of occasion that transports the listener to a rampaging after-party at a circus sideshow.

Formed in 2008, The Woohoo Revue brings together six musicians with a strong history of playing gypsy and other forms of dance music. The result is a frenetic blend of Balkan melodies, Latin flavours, swing and dance floor savvy.

Violinist Rebecca Wade shows extreme nimbleness as her fingers fly up and down the fingerboard and her bow tosses notes high into the air. The flourishing sounds of alto sax player, Paul Winter, snake through every register, and the Latin flavoured solos of trumpeter, Richard Burns ease the intensity here and there. Underneath all this, the rock solid rhythm section fill out the bottom end with a monumental groove.

Their debut album Dear Animals has been received strongly and has attracted airplay on Triple J, ABC, as well as community radio stations across the country. Like their live show, the album is full, frantic and features some incredible playing. As a first LP, Dear Animals is an uncompromising, intense gypsy dance album that presents some iconic and powerful versions of traditional tunes.

Over the past year, The Woohoo Revue has quickly risen to be a favourite amongst Melbourne punters and festival goers. The band has played a host of major Melbourne shows at venues such as The Corner Hotel, The East Brunswick Club, Bar Open, The Evelyn and Ruby's Lounge.

In true gypsy style, The Woohoo Revue live to hit the road and enchant new audiences with their audacious act. The band has fast established itself on the Australian festival circuit by getting the big crowds dancing at St Kilda Festival, The Brunswick Music Festival, Folk Rhythm and Life, High Vibes, Rainbow Serpent Festival, The Village and The Maya Festival.

The Woohoo Revue have also played tour shows throughout NSW, the ACT, Victoria, SA and Tasmania. They have traded gypsy metal licks with The Crooked Fiddle Band and The Barons of Tang, cheated at poker with Juke Baritone and The O'Hooligans and danced around the fire with Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants. The group has a very heavy touring schedule for the remainder of 2009, so expect to hear more from them throughout the year. For more information, please visit The Woohoo Revue's MySpace for gig listings and to hear their music: www.myspace.com/thewoohoorevue


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