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Every once in a while, an artist appears bearing something truly different. And its not something learned, its something lived . . .

Born in Andalusia, and now residing in Madrid, Diego Guerrero is one of Spain’s most respected musical innovators. As a teenager taken in by the gypsy minority of his hometown, by night he became “Flamenco” and by day he studied composition and orchestral and jazz arrangement. He is one of few people capable of orchestrating the collaboration of entirely oral traditions, such as flamenco and rumba Cubana, with contemporary jazz, pop and classical music. As a performer, Diego is a confident bandleader and deeply moving vocalist. He works with only the finest instrumentalists available and knows how to bring out the best in each and every one of them. His music contrasts the emotive seriousness of flamenco with the elevating raw African sounds of Cuban rumba.

His Australian quintet features some of the country’s finest latin and jazz instrumentalists. The first to recognise Diego´s unique qualities, was master percussionist Rubem Dantas (Paco de Lucia, Camarón, Chick Corea) who invited Diego to arrange and conduct the first Flamenco Big Band, which united Spain’s biggest names in Flamenco and Jazz in one project. Some of these include Jorge Pardo, Rubem Dantas, Jerry González, Rafael de Utrera and Caramelo de Cuba. Diego was first introduced to Afro-Cuban music by New York-based trumpeter, conga player and close friend Jerry Gonzalez (Calle 54, Fort Apache). 2009 and Diego’s move from Andalusia to Madrid has brought him work involved in projects featuring Gonzalez and other major artists such as Diego el Cigala, and has also won him the title of Musical Director in the recently premiered show ¨Los Sones Negros” from internationally acclaimed flamenco dancer Juan de Juan.

Also from Madrid, accompanying Diego on congas and cajon is his partner and Australian born outstanding female percussionist Nasrine Rahmani (formerly with San Lazaro, Tumbarumba, Oxo Cubans). After 11 years performing locally and abroad, she is rapidly earning respect from peers and admiration from audiences everywhere she goes. In less than one year since her relocation to Madrid, she has performed alongside and earned the favour of Spains’ most important percussionists including Piraña, Rubem Dantas and Jerry Gonzalez.

On piano, Ben Winkelman (Ben Winkelman Trio, Los Rumberos), is an accomplished jazz musician and experimenter with all things Spanish and Latin. His album “The Spanish Tinge” won the AIR award for best Jazz release in 2007. On alto saxophone, Lachlan McLean (Twelve Tone Diamonds, San Lazaro) is a gifted improviser with a rich, earthy tone. He moves effortlessly between the flamenco, latin and jazz genres and plays with a depth and sophistication well beyond his years.

On bass, Ryan Monro (Ryan is also the bass player for The Cat Empire). Ryan is an accomplished and very successful bass player and completes this band flawlessly. Diego’s first visit to Australia in November 2008 brought audiences to his performances from far and wide after hearing his voice on national radio. His next Australian tour is from December 2009 until the end of January 2010.

“Great concert!!” Blue Note, Madrid.

“A beautiful night of music. Mesmerising and very emotional.” The Boite, Melbourne.

“The Quincey Jones of Flamenco” El Paquete

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