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In 2002 Lazare Agneskis returned from an extended stay in Cuba, where he had fallen in love with the passion, trance like drumming and inclusiveness of the Cuban music scene.

He returned to Australia determined to establish a band that could recreate these qualities in every live performance.

Guitarist recruits Steve Silk and Oscar Poncell were next to make the South American pilgrimage. Oscar returned with an 8 string Columbian tiple (guitar) to combine with Steve’s mellow nylon acoustic.

Original percussionist Nasrine Rahmani is currently on her own tour of Cuba providing an opportunity for Chilean-born Conga player Sebastian Orellana.

Elisha Maiyah on trumpet and Bob Knob on double bass complete the six piece line-up.

San Lazaro feature up to four vocal harmonies at any one time, all sung in Spanish. A variety of percussion instruments are used such as the traditional Timbales, Bongos and Guiro.

The songs are deceptively complex featuring challenging melody lines and frequent time signature changes.

Above all San Lazaro’s music is intended to make the listener ‘feel good’. Cuban music celebrates the joys to be found in music and dancing.


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