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BMW Edge | Federation Square
20th of March at 8pm
For Bookings call Ticketek on 132 849

Here Come Gadjo Tzigani - The Strange Gypsies - especially when they talk (English is not their first language!). Luckily they communicate through music. This they do very well! An impressive, fiery, frenzied group, a concoction of tunes played daringly.

Amongst these musicians is a prodigy twelve-year-old gypsy girl; a sensational Russian violin player who is also a composer; an exceptional piano-player who performed in over 59 countries; one of the most versatile guitarists in the Melbourne music scene. Gadjo Tzigani has Melbourne's leading folk double bass and accordion players. Most of these talented musicians have obtained the highest classical music training such as the Gadjo Tzigani cellist, who established the Georgian Chamber Orchestra and the renowned balalaika virtuoso with a Master of Arts.

With all their impressive biographies, these musicians are also the common folk - with all their exaggerations, deep emotions and contradictions. They play straightforward music that speaks to the core of a person.

Gadjo Tzigani create universal world music. Their music is born from an often improvised, yet never naïve overlaying of styles, motifs and sounds from the most diverse genres and the most captivating cultures - Russia, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, France, Greece, Middle East, Armenia.

Zulya Kamalova is the leading proponent of Tatar and Russian music in Australia as well as one of the most versatile and accomplished vocalists on the world music scene today. A native of the Volga River region in Central Russia, Zulya gives a truly global twist to the traditional songs of her ancestors. She regularly plays on the international stage - performing in Russia, Finland, New Caledonia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden and Poland.

Artist of the Year 2001 (Australian World Music Awards)
World Music Artist of the Year 2002 (Australian LIVE Music Awards) Album of the year 2000 for Aloukie (Australian World Music Awards) World Music Album of the Year 2003 nomination for elusive (Australian Record Industry Awards, ARIA)

" She provides us with a musical window into a unique and little known culture, from a corner of the world, which we might otherwise have remained ignorant of. We're all richer for the experience. " Seth Jordan, Rhythms.

This is an exclusive opportunity to witness the interplay between world-class musicians.

Igor Oskolkov - violin; Dasha Moloksher-Oskolkov - violin; Alex Begelfor - cello; Yuri Mougerman - balalaika; Vitaly Barishnikov - keyboard; George Butrumlis - accordion
Pierre Jaquinot - guitar; David Krycer - double bass

Zulya Kamalove - voice











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